Looking for a Filemaker Pro specialist in Switzerland ?

Whether you’re looking for help setting up a much needed Filemaker server or looking for a developer to craft a custom application project, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome !

We make you benefit from our nearly ten years of programming experience in a wide variety of contexts, from business management to scientific databases. One of our most faithful fellow travelers has always been the Filemaker Pro software. Robust, reliable, flexible and complete, it allows to reduce development costs and thus makes available to all the use of very professional but also very personalized applications. And its capabilities have no limit when supplemented by our other specialties: Python, Django, SQL databases, HTML / CSS, Javascript, jQuery, REST, CURL, XML …

But first and foremost, we put human skills at your service because the essence of software development lies in our ability to listen and understand your needs. We are committed to providing solutions in a climate of simplicity and openness. No jargon, no hidden fees, no black magic! We then deliver easy to live and use products, that do what they are asked.

These few ideas inspire you? We look forward to meeting you and discussing your project!

Some of our clients

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Le Lignon (GE)

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Neuchâtel (NE)

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Collombey-Muraz (VS)

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Prilly (VD)

Our values


Computers are here to serve us and not the opposite! We are always looking for the most direct, intuitive and economical solutions. We steer clear of ready-to-use softwares, that are full of functions you never use and don’t have the ones you would need; we carefully craft tailor-made solutions that do what we ask them to do and make life easier.


Software development is a much more human than technical activity. For us, the essence of development is to understand how our customers work and what their needs are; technical skills come second! That’s why we always favor a direct, simple and frank relationship with our customers, in order to establish a pleasant and efficient collaboration climate.


Software development is not as complex or magical as it sometimes seems. We only use proven technologies that are widely used around the world and we always aim to inform as clearly and as transparently as possible about the products or services we provide.

Some of the benefits we offer

Free on-site first meeting and quotes

Single contact for each project

Latest technologies only

Cloud transition specialist

Swiss partners and data centers

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